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Microsoft says Surface Pro 3 is its fastest selling tablet yet

Microsoft reported its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday afternoon. While the company missed Wall Street’s consensus mainly due to poor performance out of its newly acquired Nokia smartphone division, all in all it was a fairly solid quarter with operating income coming in at $6.48 billion on revenue that beat analysts’ estimates at $23.38 billion. While we still don’t know how well the ...
First impressions of going all-in with Microsoft Surface, phone and services

- 1 week earlier @ On 1 July, I officially started my "Microsoft All-In" summer sojourn. Surface Pro 3 is my PC and Nokia Lumia Icon my smartphone for the next couple of months. Google gets the boot - at least for a while. I now largely use Microsoft products and ...

Microsoft's surface Pro3 is not for everybody

- 1 week earlier @ My time with Microsoft's new tablet computer began with a feeling of minor annoyance and eventually leveled off into a sense of settling for something less than ideal. I never felt fully at ease with the Surface Pro 3, and I'm typing this review on the ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

- 5 days earlier @ When Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro 3, the company set out to deliver the "tablet that can replace your laptop." The idea is pretty simple: create a slate device that runs a full version of Windows, equip it with laptop-grade internals and a ...

Microsoft cuts, Kindle Unlimited, LG G3 (MobileTechRoundup show #324)

- 3 days earlier @ Microsoft is making major changes to the company and Nokia strategy, while also actively updating the Surface Pro 3. Swappa is feeding my smartphone addiction.



First Look: The $799 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Core i3

Earlier this Summer Microsoft released Surface Pro 3 , a fully equipped Haswell ULT based tablet in a chassis that was much more in line with what you'd expect from a tablet. From a hardware standpoint, Surface Pro 3 is the chassis design that Microsoft needed from the very start. If you've ever been tempted by the Surface Pro story, the latest model was bound to push you over the edge. Unlike ...

Microsoft again writes off Surface inventory, renews profitability doubts

Microsoft again took a hit on its Surface business, the company acknowledged Tuesday.

Microsoft Admits to Killing the Surface Mini

Microsoft has confirmed it cancelled plans to release a Surface Mini tablet in the spring. During Tuesday's quarterly earnings call, CFO Amy Hood said that part of the reason revenue from the company's line of Surface tablets took a hit was because it had decided to kill an unreleased product. See also: There Was No Surface Mini Because Microsoft Already Lost on Tablets "During the quarter, we ...

Microsoft confirms it was working on Surface Mini

Although it stopped short of actually naming the device, Microsoft has admitted it was planning to add a second new Surface to its line-up. Although leaks and rumors are usually best viewed with a heavy dose of skepticism, when they are as insistent as the talk regarding Surface Mini was, it’s safe to assume there’s at least some fire under all that smoke. We were fully expecting to see a seven ...

Microsoft admits it axed the Surface Mini

Likely due to slowing Windows 8 tablet sales

Microsoft Surface mini release date, price and specs: Surface mini cancelled

PC Advisor: Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3 tablet with no mention of the rumoured Surface mini and is is now thought that the device has been cancelled. Here we look at the Surface mini release date, price and specs. See also: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ...

Microsoft admits to cutting Surface Mini

TrustedReviews: The original report came from Bloomberg, which stated that Microsoft's new management team of Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop had made the decision to axe the Microsoft Surface Mini at the last minute. It was felt that "the product in development wasn't ...


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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: Windows Powered 'Tablet That Can Replace

KpopStarz: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: The Microsoft Surface Pro line has always been posited as the “tablet that can replace your laptop.” What the device aims to be is a complete PC with the comforts and contour of a device popularized by its former nemesis ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0: Design, Hardware

KDramaStars: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a 12 inches ClearType HD display and a resolution of 2160x1440pixels and 216ppi. Plus, users have the possibility to connect the device to an external monitor. Its dimensions are 29×20.1×9.1 mm and it weighs 800 ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

IGN: When Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro 3, the company set out to deliver the "tablet that can replace your laptop." The idea is pretty simple: create a slate device that runs a full version of Windows, equip it with laptop-grade internals and a ...

ARBA Retail Systems Launches Point of Sale for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Tablet

MarketWatch: Built specifically for Microsoft Surface tablet series, this retail management software is compatible with the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet . Microsoft launched Surface Pro 3 tablet in June 2014 and this tablet is “the best business tablet ...

Will the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Laptop?

An impressive-looking docking station makes the Surface Pro 3 an interesting alternative for road warriors.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Air 13" 2014

Microsoft made a direct comparison between the Surface Pro 3 and the MacBook Air 13", so we're throwing them into the Prizefight Ring to settle the score once and for all. Let's get it on!

Can the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Really Replace Your Laptop?

Microsoft released the latest in their Surface line recently with the best one yet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, advertising the 12-inch tablet as “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” But can it really? After using the Microsoft ...


Microsoft Starts Pre-Orders For The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

TechCrunch: Microsoft revealed its Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, and now there's a new accessory up for sale, following the official shipping launch of the new Surface last month. The new gadget is a Docking Station, which provides a host of external input and ...

Hybrid, meet desktop: Surface Pro 3 docking station officially available for

PCWorld (blog): Nearly two months to the day after first revealing the Surface Pro 3 tablet, Microsoft has officially put its $200 docking station up for pre-order, after teasing would-be buyers with a limited-availability window last month. Microsoft designed the ...

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 docking station arrives with a few extra slots

This bit of plastic is up for pre-order for the bargain price of £165


Microsoft Confirms Decision To Kill The Surface Mini

TechCrunch: Remember the Surface Mini, a device that got axed at the last minute? Microsoft gave it a shout out in its earnings report today. The company noted in its hardware section that its “[c]urrent year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments ...

Microsoft confirms it axed the Surface Mini

In a line buried deep inside its latest earnings report, Microsoft confirmed that it axed the Surface Mini . "Current year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments resulting from our transition to newer generation devices and a decision to not ship a new form factor," read the illuminating item under a section titled "Computer and Gaming Hardware." The smaller Surface launch was ...


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