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Surface tablets nearly hit $1 billion as Microsoft revenues jump 25 percent

PCWorld: Microsoft reported a 25 percent increase in revenue from the same period a year ago as some of its key businesses, including Office 365 and the Xbox, delivered sharp gains. Overall, Microsoft reported revenue of $23.2 billion, an increase of 25 percent ...
Can Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets usurp the business notebook?

- 1 day earlier @ This is where Microsoft's Surface Pro range comes to the fore, especially if you're already using Office 365 and are wedded to the Microsoft ecosystem. With a slick detectable keyboard, the Pro can easily switch from tablet to notebook and back again.

Microsoft's Q1 shines; Office 365 leads results

- 1 day earlier @ The software giant handily tops expectations as Surface Pro drove Surface revenue of $908 million. Office 365 subscriptions for home, personal and enterprise swelled.

Microsoft sales soar 25% on huge demand for Office, Surface, Xbox and cloud

- 23 hours earlier @ However, earnings slipped on restructuring plans

Microsoft sales soar 25%

- 23 hours earlier @ Microsoft earnings slipped on restructuring plans, but sales boomed on the back of the cloud, Surface and Xbox.

Surface Pro 3


Microsoft Surface PRO 3 Revenue Hits $900 Million

Good E-Reader (blog): the Surface 3 tablet is seeing massive success. Surface revenues measured $908 million, which is transforming their hardware division into almost a billion dollar business every three months. The company is also building revenue from phone hardware, ...

Microsoft: Surface Pro 3 tablet is selling at twice the rate of the Pro 2

PCWorld: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet appears to be a bona fide hit, according to Microsoft executives. In the company's positive earnings report, released Thursday, the company disclosed that Surface revenue topped $908 million for the quarter. It's likely ...

Which product launch was a bigger disaster: Microsoft's Surface or Amazon's

VentureBeat: Now, if Amazon wants to take some comfort, it can look at Microsoft's latest earnings, also announced yesterday, and see that the company reported revenue of $908 million from the Surface in Q1 2015, more than double from the same quarter a year ago.

Mac vs PC returns in Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air advert

Microsoft has resurrected the age old Mac vs PC debate in its new advert for the Surface Pro 3. See also: Surface Pro 3 release date, price and specs UK: Windows 8 tablet goes on sale this month . Just like it did at the launch event for the Windows 8 tablet, Microsoft has pitted the new Surface Pro 3 against Apple's MacBook Air laptop. With the tag line 'The tablet that can replace your laptop ...

Microsoft Surface business is profitable now

While Microsoft refashions itself as a productivity and platforms company, it's also keeping a close eye on profits. A key sign of that was the company's announcement late Thursday that its Surface tablet business was profitable in the September quarter.

Microsoft's Surface Tablet Shows Signs Of Life With Revenue Growth Driven By Surface Pro 3

They may baffle the NFL , but Microsoft’s beleaguered Surface tablet is starting to show signs of life. Sales of the Microsoft Surface tablet line drew $908 million in revenue in the third quarter, largely due to momentum driven by the Surface Pro 3 , which was released in June.

Microsoft Surface Revenue Doubles In Latest Results

Geeky Gadgets (blog): Microsoft released its latest financial results yesterday, and the company also broke down those results into some of their hardware devices that they sell, which included the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft has managed to more than double their revenue ...



iPad Air 2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Gizmag: Microsoft's aluminum Surface Pen is included with the Pro 3. In addition to the things that styluses always do (more precision and control), it also lets you quickly launch Microsoft's OneNote app by clicking its back end. You can buy iPad-friendly ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Why you should buy this device

REM: The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's answer to the laptops in the world, for this device aims to be the perfect laptop replacement. The device is thin, powerful, beautiful and most importantly, versatile. The surface pro 3 is also light, for it measures ...

Google Nexus 9 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comparison: Which is best for you?

PC Advisor: The Google Nexus 9 and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are designed to fit very different needs, so this article should help you determine which one will suit you. Here's our Google Nexus 9 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comparison. Read next: Surface Pro 3 vs ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple iPad Air 2: Laplet or Tablet?

Christian Post: For Microsoft, it's going to be their hybrid transforming laptop-tablet, the Surface Pro 3, which was recently released earlier this year. The Surface Pro 3 is the third one in Microsoft's line of "laplets," a laptop-tablet hybrid. It has a 12-inch ...

iPad Air 2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The iPad Air 2 is the best iPad yet (as the latest iPad always should be), but how does it compare to one of the leading laptop/tablet hybrids? Read on, as Gizmag compares the iPad Air 2 to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 ... Continue Reading iPad Air 2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Section: Mobile Technology Tags: 2-in-1 , Apple , iPad Air 2 , Microsoft , Microsoft Surface , Tablet Related Articles ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple iPad Air 2: Laplet or Tablet?

With Apple's new iPad Air 2 to be released into the market soon, it's definitely going to be getting some competitors. Much like the smartphone market, contenders aren't scarce and Apple is always looking to be challenged by tech companies. In the line of tablets, computer makers like Microsoft dominate the scene.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Computer?

We do, and we've been dragging the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 around to get that job done. Here's how it performs. You might be reading this review on Gizmodo's sub-site about adventure travel in the outdoors, but I'm no ...


Benchmarks show the iPad Air 2 has only one rival in terms of overall performance

BGR: The real battle in the tablet world will come next year, however, as Microsoft will release its fourth-generation Surface Pro and Apple will reportedly release its own “iPad Pro” that will be a large 12-inch tablet that will come with a keyboard ...

Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air 2 Comparison, Review: Laplet or Tablet?

Christian Post: With Apple's new iPad Air 2 to be released into the market soon, it's definitely going to be getting some competitors. Much like the smartphone market, contenders aren't scarce and Apple is always looking to be challenged by tech companies. In the line ...

3 reasons to invest in a Surface Pro 3 instead of an iPad Air 2

TechRepublic: Microsoft has a whole campaign of ads pitting the Surface Pro 3 against the iPad, plus ads that put Cortana head-to-head with Siri. Last week, Microsoft launched a new commercial on the web that illustrates why the Surface Pro 3 is such an awesome ...

iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Which is Better for Business?

Business News Daily: Not quite. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet offers a bigger display, a full-size keyboard and the flexibility of running the desktop version of Windows. It's also significantly pricier than Apple's tablet. So which slate is the better portable ...


RIP Microsoft Surface Pro 2, we hardly knew ye

Digital Trends: Or, in this case, until Microsoft comes forward with an official statement on the matter. Related: Microsoft slashes Surface 2 prices. In the meantime, if you're interested in the aging 10.6-inch device, it might be wise to reach out to a third-party ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Pulled Out by Microsoft? Plus Surface Pro 3 Specs vs

Hallels: For those who still wish to get their hands on Surface Pro 2 tablet, you may visit other online stores, as in the Microsoft website, the "Buy Now" button takes you to a "website no longer found" screen. The Surface Pro 2 tablet specs include: Intel ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is running out of stock… never to return

Liliputing: The new model has a higher resolution 12 inch with a 3:2 aspect ratio, a starting price of $799, an improved multi-angle kickstand, and other improvements that Microsoft says make the Surface Pro 3 a tablet that can replace a laptop. But folks who ...

RIP Microsoft Surface Pro 2, we hardly knew ye

With little fanfare, Microsoft seems to have discontinued the Surface Pro 2. Here's the full scoop. The post RIP Microsoft Surface Pro 2, we hardly knew ye appeared first on Digital Trends .

A Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Price Cut is in Place Temporarily

Microsoft is cutting the price on its Surface 2 just a month after cuts to the prices of its Surface Pro 2 devices. The Surface 2 runs the much-maligned Windows 8 RT operating system. Microsoft will be taking $100 off the regular ...


The Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Mini to Be Released Soon

The Gamer Headlines: The new Surface pro 4 might be a tad taller than it previous generation, however if Microsoft desires to keep their accessories same and compatible to their present docking station accessory, they need to maintain the same thickness and width of their ...


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